Earth Day! – What a great day to take some time to evaluate your company’s impact on the environment.

Some companies take their environmental impact seriously, implementing costly changes that emphasize reducing material wastes and changing employee procedures, like turning the lights off when they exit the room.  We love companies like this and thank you for making the Earth a better place to live.

However, doing what is right for the environment is not always economically feasible for a business. For example, hiring an environmental engineer would be great, but a medium to small sized business may not be able to afford the $100,000 salary that it takes to pay one. Therefore, companies need to look for less costly programs to reduce their environmental impact.

One of the cheapest way to reduce your environmental impact is to physically walk around your facility. What do you notice?

Are there proper recycling areas? Do you have any leaky faucets? Are there machines on that do not need be on at that time?

At EnterScape, we concentrate on ways to help commercial and industrial facilities reduce their energy consumption wastes while saving money.

Inefficiently consuming water, gas, and electricity not only negatively impacts the environment, it’s also costly.

According to EnergyStar, the combined annual energy cost for US commercial and industrial facilities is 40 billion dollars.  30 percent of that energy cost is considered to be unnecessarily or inefficiently consumed.  

One way to discover if you are inefficiently consuming energy at your facility is to monitor you facility using UtilityMVP. By simply inputting your facility’s information, you can see how much and when you are consuming energy.

Often times, you can discover ways to reduce your facility’s energy waste within the first three months using the interval data dashboard.

It is up to us to preserve the Earth we live on for future generations. Take some time today to evaluate your facility and track your progress using UtilityMVP. Now offering a Free 3 Month Trail at